1975-Ramsey Lewis                 Chicago

1976-Danny Johnson/Chi-lites

1977-Deniece Williams

The Dells

1978-Deniece Williams

1979-Curtis Mayfield

1980- Deniece Williams

Lou Rawls

Michael Paulo /Water Colors

1981-Curtis Mayfield

1982-Horace Silver               LA.

Patrice Rushen

1983-Ronnie Laws

Curtis Mayfield,Jerry Butler, And The Impressions

1984-Pointer Sisters

Rickee Lee Jones

David Sanborn

1985-Rickee Lee Jones

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

1986-Whitney Houston

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

1987-Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

Teena Marie

1988-Stanley Clarke

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

1989-Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

1990-George Howard

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly



Everett Harp,Rachell Farrelle

1993-Michael Paulo/Jakarta Tour

George Benson

1994-Will Downing,Gerald Albright,Johnathan Butler,rachelle Farrelle,Bobby Lyle

David Sanborn

1995-George Howard,George Duke Dianne Reeves,Howard Hewett,Phil Perry

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

1996-Howard Hewett,Paul Jackson Jr &Michael White Japan /Jakarta Tour

1997-Junko Yagami

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly



2000- George Benson



2003-George Benson



2006-Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

2007-Euge Groove

Wayman Tisdale

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly


2009-Tom Scott/Paulette McWilliams

Will Downing

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

2010-Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

The Dukes of September/Donald Fagen,Michael McDonald,Boz Scaggs

Jeff Lorber

2 Comments on "Tours"
  1. Comment left on:
    August 25, 2011 at 7:13 pm
    ken alexander says:

    Miss your pocket grooves on the Maze Tour. Hope all is well with you. I know you are kicking it somewhere,

    Best Wishes,
    Happy Feelins,


  2. Comment left on:
    April 18, 2012 at 5:50 pm
    raymond davren says:

    hello, mike..just rread your bio,,….you’ve worked with some amount of people!!!

    mpst of them, like marcus miller and ‘ready’ freddie washington. two of my favourite bass players, i’ve grown up listening to them since the 70’s..

    i’ve been lucky enought to meet all of my fave bass players including stanley clarke, louis johnson, byron miller, etc..

    i met matcus a few times and would love to have met freddie..he did some great stuff with herbie hancock and patrice rushen..

    i’m friendly with david sanborn and that is how i got to know about you, as i bought a cd of yours with him on it…wah wah watson is also on an other of your discs and, as i love him, it was good to get hold of it..

    i have around 400 albums on which sanborn plays and a few hundred wah wah watson discs..dave’s given me a credit on some pf his his discs which is great and i went to london to see him last was fantastic te see him again..he still plays as well as ever!!!!

    anyways the reason i am writing to you is to see if you can help me locate a cd which you played on with wah wah and ray parker jr, who i met in london in the 70’s , when his group ”raydio” supported bootsy’s rubber band..

    it’s the ATF cd..
    i/ve been trying for ages to buy one to add to the wah wah collection, but just cannot get hold of one anywhere.

    .even a cd burn would be great.

    hope you can help[..

    best wishes..

    raymond davren

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