Drum Sessions

I am available to do drum tracking at my home. More info coming…

Sessions done at White Lightning Studios

Will Downing,Stanley Clarke,Maysa,Paul Taylor,Ledisi,Jeff Lorber,Wayman Tisdale,Richard Elliott, Brian Simpson, Ready

Freddie Washington,Brian Simpson,Michael Paulo,Darren Rahn,George Benson,Al Jarreau, For which a Grammy was won.

Kirk Whalum ,Ned Doheny,Craig Sharmat,Kenny Lattimore,Etc

My engineer is Dennis F. Moody who is one of the industries finest,he’s been involved in numerous multi-platinum projects and he makes sure my studio stays in tip top shape.

The Producers

Rex Rideout,  Barry Eastmond,  Stanley Clarke,  Jeff Lorber,  Michael Broenig,  Andreas Morricone,and more

They choose to record at White Lightning because first it sounds great!!! No cartage, No Set up time, No Engineer unless requested my room is always up and ready to record.

On various projects we have actually recorded full rhythm section in the studio,but mainly it me tracking alone or with artist or producer.

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